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Welcome to our EduGateUK.COM, a hub of knowledge and opportunities designed to empower learners worldwide. We believe that education knows no boundaries, and we are dedicated to connecting individuals with transformative learning experiences that transcend borders.

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Why study in the United Kindgom (UK)

Choosing the United Kingdom for your education is a decision steeped in centuries of academic excellence. With a rich tradition of providing top-notch education, the UK stands as a premier destination for students worldwide. Its diverse array of colleges and institutes offer a wide spectrum of undergraduate, postgraduate, and research degree programs, ensuring there's something for everyone.

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EduGateUK.COM has entered in to a collaboration with GSL ( Global Study Link, UK).

Global Study Link is one of the pioneers in education consultancy in India, and provides exceptional services to students aspiring to pursue further education globally. The world is coming closer together and no distance is too great in today’s world. Ergo, students are looking to pursue higher education at prestigious institutes in far-flung nations, as the international exposure will open up more opportunities for their career in the future. We offer students the opportunity to  pursue higher education in a number of arenas like medicine, engineering, economics, media, fashion, film, law, business, and many more. We help students gain admission to premier colleges, universities and institutes in countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and in several EU countries.

We partner with several reputed universities internationally, and focus on providing students with the opportunity to access superior quality education that cater to their needs. Our main area of operation is India with four offices in South India: Cochin, Thrissur, Trivandrum and Perinthalmanna in Kerala. We also have a presence in Gujarat,Tamilnadu, Punjab, Hyderabad and function under the aegis of our head office based in London. Currently, we are in the process of expanding, and hope to open four new centers in , Chennai, Calicut, Dubai and Bangalore. We have a highly qualified and well-trained team; in fact, many of our counsellors are themselves Masters’ Degree holders from Universities in the UK. Additionally, we have a wide range network of marketing officers who work closely with us from different parts of India, and countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the Middle East. We also assist Home and EU students to gain admission to some of the reputed instituitons in the UK.

Global Study Link provides the most comprehensive student consultancy services in the country. We start off with trustworthy, reliable and transparent counselling services with only the best interests of the student in mind. We put our hearts and souls into finding the perfect fit for you academically. And that is just the beginning; we are there with the student, every step of the way, throughout the admission process, visa application, and even when the student reaches the destination country. Our job doesn’t even end after ensuring that the student is comfortably settled in the new country; we also offer reliable career counseling services, should you require them.

Partnerships Prograames With Other Schools, Colleges, Universities, Media Houses Both In Uk And Globally

We have formed successful partnerships with some of the most sought-after universities, deemeduniversities, colleges, and institutes. Over the years, we have sent some of the brightest minds in thecountry to these educational institutions, and we have built a relationship based on trust and mutualrespect. Whether you’re looking to study in the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, or anywhere else – youwill find that Global Study Link can open the doors of your preferred university for you. Studentsfrom GSL are welcomed at these universities, because they know the quality of the students weplace. Check out the universities and institutes we have partnered with over the years: